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Polish Teens and Their Dreams

All Polish teens have dreams similar to teens from other parts of the world.

It is the time in every person's life when everything seems possible and at the reach of one's hand. This applies to both professional and love life. Every Polish Girl wishes to have a happy life by the side of her loving husband as well as a motivating and fulfilling career now that almost all women join the workforce at one point or another. Being a teen means planning for the future whilst having the last carefree years before entering the real world. It is a time full of shy and girlish secret affections to the boy from another class and laud parties with school friends. It also is a time of hard work at school and first disappointments in meeting with reality.

All teens in Poland are legally required to complete grammar school education

Teens in Poland

and then they have an option of continuing to learn a particular trade for another few years or entering a gymnasium in order to pursue graduate degrees later on, which means another decade of institutionalized learning. Despite the weak economical prosperity in Poland, overwhelming majority of Polish teens have the opportunity to obtain the best quality schooling because education is free in public schools, including universities. So getting educated depends only on one's willingness to do so, which in many cases means putting off other aspects of life for several years. Many girls trust that education is an important part of their lives and devote themselves to it very seriously putting in many hours of hard work.

Because education can be very demanding, the aspects of life that are put off for later frequently include developing real and lasting relationships.

Of course, most Polish teens flirt and date,

but these sometimes "immature attractions" are often based on physical appearance and are short-lived. Nobody expects commitment in those young years since the affections are breezy and easily upset. Getting to know one another's personality and habits in more detail can destroy those fragile friendships. These adolescent relationships are a part of learning and getting to know people in social interactions. Based on those teen experiences, girls mature and later can decide what they value in life and what kind of person they want to be with. Even though Polish teens date just like girls in the western cultures, there is a good number of Polish girls who do not mistake physical interactions with emotional attraction. In Polish culture, pre-marital sex is considered wrong and the society strongly condemns it. It is not to say that it does not happen since some teens don't respect themselves, but if it does, it is treated as something shameful.

As everywhere else in the world, Polish teens are devoted to fashion and other trends, like music. In every class, since teen's life revolves around school, there are popular girls, geeks, and regular crowd girls. While the popular teens lead the fashion and dating schedules, other girls think more about education or work. This does not mean that the unpopular girls have no emotions or don't fall in love or are physically unattractive. It simply means that those teens don't think it is a good time in life to mess with feelings when there are other things to do. Having a broken heart is quite easy to get, so heeling emotional disappointments is often damaging to education and family relations. Not surprisingly then, real and lasting emotional commitments begin in universities or after graduation.

Polish culture and education puts a lot of emphasis on patriotic and moral values. The teen years of Polish girls busy with fun stuff are also filled with books about great people, the role models to emulate. Polish teens are taught to be responsible members of the society, loving mothers, and exemplary wives. Some take it seriously; others turn a blind eye to these values, but there is always something that remains in their consciousness. Hopefully, that's enough to sustain the beautiful culture in the future.