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Polish Escort in Poland and in the World

What is the oldest profession on Earth? Although, one cannot be totally sure, I have my suspicions. It is a profession without boundaries that does not require any special equipment from its practitioner, except for the natural one. Polish, Russian, American... -- any girl can do it, although, it does not mean she should; on the contrary, our society frowns at the sex workers (called "escorts"), although, they have a role to play.

The Americans had their Madame Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam, French had their Mata-Hari, the English the model Christine Keeler and their Profumo-affair, the Italian's the (in)famous porn star Cicciolina, a respected member of Parliament! Why should not the Polish escorts behave in a similar vein, smile?

Escort in Poland

With the acceptance of the new East European members to the E.U., there are new players on the turf. The sex industry is the new export branch of many a country and Poland is one of the leading exporters, as well as an equal opportunity employer, in this respect. Not only do they have their own stables of escort madams, they also allow foreign ladies of night to come for guest appearances. Less fortunate (in economic sense) ladies of Russia and Rumania, to name just two more obvious examples, come to visit Warsaw and at the same time offer (paid) sampling of their "exotic" sex wares at the back of the visiting busses. At the same time the Polish girls visit Stockholm, Berlin, Paris and London, to name just a few places... What a charming atmosphere of international cooperation! What an example for the U.N. to follow.

The connoisseurs - the man in the know - maintain, that the Polish girl is something special - many "experts" do believe that the French girl do not wash often enough, the Rumanian are too obvious, while the Russian are too business-minded. The Polish woman, on the other hand (no matter if she is an escort or not), offers a mix of a courtesan, wife, lover and sweet Madonna, effortlessly gliding between the roles. One moment she is the fallen lady, the next, after a night of passionate lovemaking, she'll start cooking "bigos", the Polish national food of sauerkraut and meat, for her impromptu lover. Ah, the smell of the fresh "bigos" after a night of tireless "amore". No man has as yet been created that could say no to such a combined proposition. No wonder the single Polish girls are in high demands in all the capitals of the world, as displayed on the perfume labels: Warsaw - Paris - London - New York.

The Polish escort is both famous and internationally recognized;

naughty, yet often religious; without any moral limits, yet still childishly innocent (although, at the same time very business-minded). Ah, the incomparable Slavic beauty of a young Polish girl with linen-colored hair and her strong Polish accent, when offering her charms in the streets and hotels of the European metropolises (as if any other language was needed besides the language of "amore").

How do the young Polish catholic beauties manage to negotiate unsolicited sex with their religion is anyone's guess, but one thing is certain that the church has a long and forgiving tradition of dealing with fallen ladies. Already Jesus forgave the Biblical escort (I believe the less modern "harlot" was used) Maria Magdalene, as well as an adulterous woman, so who am I to throw the first stone?

Obviously, the sin of flesh in the Biblical times was not as grave as the moral guardians of today would like us to believe. Selling one's body for money (being an escort), thus, has a long tradition and the Polish escorts working the streets of the Western capitals have nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, my belief is, that the call girl, cocotte, hooker, hustler, streetwalker, tart, woman on the game (just a linguistic exercise), etc. has an important social role to play. A good question is, why the opposite is not the case (there are rare exceptions to the rule), why the men are not walking the street, offering their services to those in need. Obviously, the demand is for female services only and this is just the human nature. The Polish (or of any other nationality) escort is really innocent of any crime; on the contrary she provides water to the thirsty, food to the starving (you know what I mean). The poor man - his destiny being to chase the skirts that all seem to be getting away. Lucky women that can do without.

This is really a very common market situation and, as such, should be a great subject for an advanced research in the area of market economics. What happens if the demand (for sex services) is higher that the supply and vice versa? The prices fall and the escorts start to circulate to other more lucrative places, which brings us to the start of the discussion. The escorts from Poland on their way to Paris, the Russian and Rumanian replacements to Warsaw, the Thai (?) ladies to Moscow. A good question is what happens in Bangkok. Do the prices go up and the movement of the ladies of night starts to turn in the opposite direction?

Escorts are in high demand, which shows that 1) many men are in need, 2) that there is a lot of money around and 3) that there are many ladies interested in making "easy" money. Date with a girl that has a price? Why not if for a reasonable price she can provide the services you need? Some like them very young, teenagers and already spoiled, others want them innocent, straight from the school, although, asking for virgins in this business is to ask too much.

Another question is if this is dating in the proper meaning of the word, when the outcome of the date is known in the advance, and the only thing that is uncertain is the price. Still, the target, in most cases, justifies the means and all well that ends well.

As somebody pointed out: If there were no masculine sex, the whole sex problem would not exist. But that - maybe not the worst alternative- would also mean the end of the human race.