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International Debate on Polish Sex Not Only in Poland

If you were to look for a girlfriend to have sex with or a wife outside the confines of your own town, city, state or country, where would you look (let's forget about Poland for a while :)? The world is your oyster - or so you think. But is it? Would you bring home a Spanish senorita or an Arabic belly dancer? Would your neighbors below and above your limited size city flat appreciate loud flamenco music with the accompanying stomping of high heals on their ceiling and the clicking sound of castanets? And what if you don't like couscous and the oriental music?

Would you bring home an Indian wife - they make good wives - that would refuse to prepare your beloved hamburger made of the holy cow? Never! Now, you see that contrary to what you thought, the choice is quite limited - that is, if you wish to remain friends with your neighbors and continue to eat hamburgers and "freedom" fries. Hmmm. I love the taste!

Sex in Poland

So where would you go looking for the lady of your dreams? You on your white horse and the oppressed lady waving her handkerchief from the highest window of her tower where the dark prince imprisons her! Where would you go to find her?

Why not start looking in the middle of the Europe-page of your high school atlas. Close your eyes and direct your finger towards the middle of the page. Now, you can look... Poland, the land of the Poles and Polish teens, sensual girls, and sexy women. A perfect destination for your honeymoon?

Did you know the Chicago is the second biggest Polish city in the world? Chances are, if you are an American, that at least some branch of your family has some Polish ties. And even if not, chances are a Polish girl would make your heart beat faster.

By the way many a Polish girl has managed to charm the foreigner's heart: the great French emperor Napoleon himself had a Polish mistress, Madame Waleska, the famous writer Balzac had his Evelina Tanska. (Should you get involved with a Polish girl, you'll definitely be in a good company.)

Many Americans that have visited this exotic land returned home, bringing besides a bag of dry kabanossi in his suitcase and a couple of bottles of Polish vodka in his backpack - surprise, surprise -

A Polish beauty bride on his other arm.

So what if her English is a little limited - who needs words when the love is at work. True, the Polish girl comes from a different world, not so long ago a country behind the iron curtain, but this can be an advantage. A different girl, not spoiled like her Western counterparts, more husband and family-oriented (emancipation as yet is not the highest priority on the Polish tables). On the other hand, which might comes as a surprise, she is quite westernized at the same time - Poland is the only East European country that has had so much influences from the West. A queen of Italian origin in the Middle Ages, who besides other things brought veggies to Poland, and kings of both French and Swedish origin. Thus, the language of choice of the Polish nobleman for a long time was French, although nowadays the younger generation prefers English.

Chances are that the Polish beauty, you encounter in the shopping center or otherwise, will be speaking at least a few words of school English. ("Darling", "honey" and "love" do belong to the every Polish girl's vocabulary).

Love is what every young girl dreams of, the Polish girls are no different, and many, if not all, dream about finding this love abroad. Ah, America the land of the free - the promised land, where anyone can become a president and where any self-made man with only bare hands - foreigner or not- can become a millionaire.

So is it so strange if a young, innocent Polish girl looks out through her window, and dreams of Hollywood, New York, Los Angeles, and why not Chicago?

The world has so much too offer and so has she, so it should be a perfect match: beauty, youth, gentle heart; she's ready to love and to be loved, she's ready for passionate embraces - well shaped legs and other body parts ready for her prince.

What makes a man tick: a solid portion of sex - well, the Polish girls have all healthy interest in this kind of exercise, good food - the Polish ladies know, for sure, how to cook (there is a Polish saying "The road to the man's heart goes through the stomach", thus, the Polish cuisine is one of the best in Europe and when it comes to drinks, the Polish vodka is the leader.) So, if you are interested in ladies that want to make their man happy and stay at home taking care of him and the kids, you have come to the right place. Poland is where your dreams will come true. A lover, a wife, a sex machine, whatever you ever dreamt about, is yours for the taking. Why wait?