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Translating, Interpreting, and Lessons for English-Polish Couples

Of all European languages the Polish language is considered one of the most difficult to learn and master. It contains parts of speech rarely seen in other languages; its richness is most strikingly understandable when one compares the size of a Polish dictionary to that of an English dictionary - the first is usually twice the size of the other.

Rendering Polish text into English (or English into Polish) is no small task,

and very few people have acquired the necessary skills to do that correctly. For not only does one have to grapple with both languages at once, use the correct tenses, correct addresses, word choices, and rhythms, but also the cultures from which the two languages stem from must be perfectly reconciled. Poland has enjoyed a very turbulent history, and many historical events have left some impact on the Polish culture. Western history had some impact on the English language as well, and this must always be kept in mind when translating. Thus, to translate even a simple text from Polish to English, or vice versa, is a project which exceeds the mere words on the page; the translation enters the realm of culture and national identity of both the original and the target language.

Poland Translation

We at PolishMarriage.org understand this very well, and strive to provide the best translations possible for our valued clients and customers. We understand that far too many relationships suffer because of a lack of understanding between the partners, and we sincerely hope that we can at least eliminate the language barrier between the two partners so that if any misunderstanding arises, they will not be caused by the language.

Our aim is to provide seamless translations for Polish-English couples; we translate anything and everything, including personal letters, emails, articles, short stories, books, or whatever the client wishes. We pride ourselves with paying the greatest attention to detail when we do our translations, and we believe that every text given to us is equally important, no matter how long or short it is. Whether it's a love letter full of tenderness, dreams, and passions, or something more tangible and everyday, we know how to best render it in either language.

Aside from translating, we also provide full interpretation services and Polish lessons via email. We have highly qualified interpreters who can assist you in real-time with any interpretation services you may need. Our interpreters are trained professionals who know just what tone and language they should use to convey the right meaning without being needlessly obtrusive.

If you wish to learn the language yourself, we applaud you and hold you in the highest esteem. To help you we have designed specialized lessons which we could send you via email; our native Polish teachers come with many years experience, and are always available to assist you.

We can personalize the lessons to fit your study habits, and guide you along so that you may find the shortest path on your journey towards the mastery of the Polish language. We know that Polish is a hard language to learn, but we hope that with our specialized and detailed help you will have a much easier time of it than if you were to do learn it by yourself or with an unqualified teacher.

Please contact us for further details about any of the services we offer. All correspondence is confidential, and we will not share your personal information with anyone without your expressed permission. Remember, PolishMarriage.org is your reliable one-stop source for all things relating to the Polish language - from translating and interpreting to Polish lessons, we are here to bridge the language and cultural gap between Poland and you.


Robert & Gosia: info@polishmarriage.org.


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