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Online Relationship (Not Only with Polish Girls) : Is It Possible?

It's 11 pm, the clubs are packed, and you, like everyone else, wait outside in hopes of getting past the velvet rope. As the line moves closer to the entrance, you wonder whether this will be the night that you find the "the one" you'll marry. Once inside you soon realize it will be the same as any other night you've dared to try the club scene. For men, it is the endless attempts to buy someone a drink only to be left standing at the bar while the lucky recipient goes to the restroom and then back to the dance floor-with someone else. And women don't fare that much better. While they push and shove in the bathroom for a little mirror space, they all seem to regret not wearing their "eye catcher" outfits as they see other women with outfits that attract potential suitors.

Romance in Poland

This is the scene for many people who frequent the nightlife in their own towns. However, with the proliferation of online dating sites, this weekend battle has ended for a lot of people. As a matter of fact, more couples today say that they are more comfortable dating and possibly marrying online as opposed to the random hook up of the night that is more likely to end the next day. Those who've switched over to online dating say the lack of pressure and the lack of competition that is a part of nightlife is almost nonexistent online. First of all, the club scene has so many distractions that prevent a person from really getting to know someone. Online you choose whom you are going to date and online dating allows you more time without the immediate pressure of being liked or discarded. In contrast to the club where it is the jungle and the fittest get the dates - even if only for a night. Plus, there are many sites that will match you with someone who fits your ideal mate. This feature cuts out a lot of time trying to learn about each other because the matchmaking site has done all of the work for you. Normally, in a traditional dating situation, it may take weeks even months to get know someone's likes and dislikes. But through a service all of that is taken care so immediately you know the person better.

Another benefit to dating and marriage online is that you get to interact with the person without spending a whole lot of money to find you have nothing in common with this person. Traditionally, one would spend on an average date between dinner and maybe a movie $70 - with the possibility of a second date. Online, if the person you have been emailing for awhile is not the person you see yourself in a marriage with, no harm done you haven't spent a dime. Likewise, if you see that this person could be a possible spouse, than online dating allows you to figure this out without the added expense. In addition to the extra expense of offline dating, online dating works especially well if your occupation does not offer too many opportunities for you to socialize outside the office.

But just as there are benefits, there are also big disadvantages. Because of the nature of the Internet, you never really know what you are getting until it is in front of you. So, the six-foot blonde with a career in modeling maybe the six-foot blonde who is the assistant to the assistant photographer. Of course, there are instances when people have not been so truthful about who they are and what they are about in online dating. But, it's really no different than offline dating. Very often in life we meet people who don't live up to who they have presented themselves to be. So when dating online, a little bit of common sense is necessary just like in the real world. Another disadvantage may be that, although the expectations and pressure that comes with the traditional scene are virtually nonexistent online, other pressures become a part of the relationship. Because you have an idea of how a person may live, you don't really get to know that person until you have one-to-one contact with that person. All relationships require time, and because it is easy to remain anonymous online, people may find they are being more open than they normally would. This, in turn, leads to a feeling of falling in love when they are just experiencing the butterflies that come at the beginning of most relationships.

For the most part, online dating that eventually leads to marriage is very possible-probably more so than the traditional avenues. However, for those who are considering leaving nightlife alone, they should also understand that online dating, even though it as its benefits, one should take the normal precautionary methods that they would in the normal dating environment.