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A fast Car or a Red Rose -- Ten Suggestions on How to Attract a Polish Girl

One Hindu monarch, who lived in the 10th century and was very much in love with his female cousin, ordered his advisor and at the same time philosopher to find an unfailing way to make a woman fall in love. When the old sage heard the unusual order, he laughed out loud and compared it with an attempt to make a square circle.

Although we live in the 20th century and far from India, the idea of creating a recipe to get a girl is still occupying the minds of many males. Unfortunately, most of those efforts are probably unfruitful, as the philosopher concluded, since there has never been a certain way to a woman's heart. Conversely, some people believe there are as many different ways to make a woman love as there are women in the world. Whether one agrees with that belief or not, the fact remains that women, whatever the definition may be, represent a very diversified group.

Polish Girl Guide

This applies especially to women with Polish roots, who originated in the land over Vistula. There are legends passed around in the foreign countries about the beauty and intelligence of these women. Even if there is some truth to it, some of the stories are simply exaggerated. Regardless of one's nationality, one must apply the reason of his own to search for the truth. As nobody discovered a common method to get the affection of a Polish woman, there are several methods proven quite effective to aid men in that task.

Over the years, Polish men have learned that certain behaviors can improve their chances of having a desirable date. The most effective and probably the most prosaic way to impress a girl is showing off one's financial security. A good car, designers clothing, a jazzy haircut can in many cases do the trick. It is a shallow and in some way vulgar method, but it seems to be impressively successful. Although most women don't want to admit they are attracted to rich men, only very few will be unimpressed with financially stable potential partners who happen to drive a BMW or a Suzuki bike.

A little more effort and thought takes conquering a girl with flowers. It in no case should be mistaken with some worn out bouquet from a local supermarket or gas station. It rather indicates a carefully selected floral arrangement or a traditional dozen of beautiful red roses accompanied with a memorable dedication or card and delivered to her door personally or by a courier.

People with a little bit of poetic talent can add some splendor to the idea by a nice self written personal lyric - it does not have to rhyme - in which they can express their feelings. Of course, there is some risk that this effort will be laughed at. On the other hand, if the addressee is the right person, the effort may turn out to be worthwhile and very much appreciated if not outright admired.

People who are no poets and feel uncomfortable with flowers have other ways to impress their girls with resourcefulness and inventiveness. For instance, they can find out what the favorable television or radio show of the girl is; and they can devote some time to researching the topic to have something to talk about on the date. Better yet, they can contact the show's host and have personal greetings broadcast over the media.

Another effective and practical method of getting to know the queen of your heart is to learn what her interests are. Doing some research in the fields of her likings can give a man the chance to impress his lady with his knowledge - and what man does not like to impress. The idea of spending a series of nights studying Rembrandt's paintings or catching up on the latest soap operas may seem discouraging, but the effort will certainly be appreciated in the end even if the trick is revealed and the girlfriend finds out that her man became a "fan" of something only for her.

For ladies with preferences based on biological instincts, which call for self-preservation, a good catch is a well-built body. As females by instinct look for strong males to ensure the specie's continuation, long hours spent in a gym lifting weights can be very fruitful. Biceps allowing a man to crush nutshells always results in great popularity among women, who prefer this type of men.

Another way to capture a Polish girl's attention is kind of a hopeless act of determination. These days, such cases gain unexplainable popularity. For instance, climbing up a skyscraper and shouting out from the top of one's lungs affection to the lady of his heart can definitely capture media's attention and put the event in newspapers. However, media coverage and gaining a label of a "moron" can only ridicule the situation and embarrass the girl, so the chances of gaining her affection in return seem to be very slender. Thus, we do not recommend putting one's life in jeopardy in order to express his feelings.

A much more effective way to articulate one's love is to learn something that can impress the woman. It is hard with Polish women, but nothing is impossible. Some romantic idea, such as playing guitar or taking dancing classes, is always hot. Every man can find something for himself. For instance, one can write a poem, someone else can sing a serenade under his lady's windows. Even if something seems old-fashioned, as long as it is romantic, it will be appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

When the woman one is attracted to is seeing someone else, there are ways to get to know her anyway. It has to be carefully planned, but becoming an acquaintance and double dating is not unusual. Going out on the date in a group of four gives one a chance to attract the woman, so that she has the option of changing her boyfriends. The interested man should probably ask his good friend or sister to pretend his girlfriend for the time being in order to avoid two broken hearts. While the friend or sister distract the rival boyfriend, one has the opportunity to be inventive in expressing his feelings.

The simplest way to let a girl know how we feel about her is traditional asking her out on a date. Going to the movies or a dancing club may seem unrefined and prosaic, but it really works!!! Using more or less direct conversation skills to communicate one's feelings can be the best policy to build a relationship.

There are probably countless suggestions how to attract a woman, as all above suggestions can be modified to fit one's preferences, abilities, and given circumstances. The most important step is to determine what best suits the woman we are interested in. Every Polish woman is different from her counterpart females, and every girl has different expectations from her partner. The chances of getting her affection increase when the interested man knows her preferences and likings. The female world is simple - some women need their partners to hug them and say "I love you," while others need nothing more but a new fur or a faster car, Ferrari can most likely do.