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Who do Polish Girls Prefer to Date: Foreigners or Polish Men?

Polish women date outside their culture for a number of reasons. But at the end, it all depends on the person and her/his individual preferences.

One of my friends, during her visit to England, met several Latin guys and declared, "What I have learned over the past couple of years is that Latin men believe that it is very important to be 'macho' and 'running the show', which I personally love."My other friend, who also visited England, confirmed the fact that Latin men attract many Polish women. She said that she adores them because they are more romantic than any other type of guy in the world.

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On the other hand, many people I know from Poland would tend to date a Polish man because they share the same culture and know more about it firsthand, than from books, movies, or comments from others; they understand each other better and consequently communicate easier. One of my friends that is married to a Polish man said, "Guys from other cultures might not know much from my country, its people, experiences, and I am afraid that we might not have much in common that is why I feel that Polish girls tend to stay away from cultures that are too different." Plus, she added, "From my point of view, Polish men have more respect for women and are more romantic and gentle."

Perhaps this is why some of the Polish girls might opt for guys who are opposite of their culture. Not only because of the fact that, according to the saying "opposites attract," but also because a cross-cultural relationship with someone from another country can be very exciting. Another friend said, "Generally, I have always preferred foreign men to men from my own culture. They are mysterious and interesting to learn about."The cultural background, visits to the other country, the language of the country and learning to speak it, the different habits and ways of doing things that people from other cultures have are all very appealing to Polish women.But again, it is a double edged sword because at the end of the day, who cares? No matter what type of man you go out with, have fun! As I said earlier, everyone has certain criteria as to dating. Some prefer foreigners, some do not. Some are curious, some are not.

What about other reasons as to why we are in a relationship with a certain person, like simply love? Sometimes, we have no control over who we will begin a love relationship with. It seems to just happen when we meet someone and blossoms quickly out of our control. As one of my friends said, "It is all about the fact that I have someone who opens the door, kisses my hand, and pulls the chair out. That is more important than the fact that the person is from a different country."

Despite all the positives from dating/marrying someone from another culture, there are Polish girls who are into men from the West, or even those from beyond the Ocean from a pure benefit standpoint.Because of the fact that the situation in Poland still does not look rosy, even after our acceptance to the confines of the European Union, many see going out with a foreigner as an opportunity to run away to an easier life beyond the borders of our country. Although some girls are indeed guided by their genuine feelings, paper marriages are still very common, especially in America. But the fact that the Polish women consider American men rich is not the only reason that they fall in love with them. Many notice other features in Americans and thus, for example, prefer laid back, confident Americans who enjoy going out to movies and restaurants over a timid, conservative, Polish home body.

On the other hand, some girls that I know find American guys conceited and narrow-minded. Contrary to Polish men, who are excellent fixing items around the home, and seem to be born knowing how the plumbing and electricity work, many Polish women used to having guys similar to that around, often find it hilarious that American men have to call a plumber when the faucet leaks, or when something breaks around the house.

All in all, if it is a relationship with someone from the same community, a dark mysterious Latin lover, or an all-American type of guy, let's not stereotype or generalize who we prefer the most. The truth is that everybody differs, but at the end, it is like every other relationship. Whether any cross-cultural marriage or relationship works or not, depends, first and foremost, on the personalities of the people in the relationship and not on their culture or country. In other words, relationships depend upon the people in them, not where those people live or the country they come from.