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Online Dating - Safety Tips

Computers have not only changed our lives; they have become part of it. computers are commonplace for conducting business and have established themselves in our lives socially. Included in this love affair society has with computers, is Online Dating. Online Dating can be an enjoyable experience and gives the computer user an opportunity to meet new people. Online dating (to meet not only Polish Girls ;) can be a secure way to meet new people and find love interests but the proper precautions must be exercised to insure a safe and secure experience.

Online Dating Tips

It is not necessary to be frightened to meet people online, in fact many long term friendships and relationships have even established through the Internet. What is necessary is to use common sense when meeting new people. Always follow these steps and when meeting someone new online and you are sure to have an enjoyable and safe experience.

• When meeting someone online or off, use caution and judgment. Common sense is always your best safety tool.

• Trust you instincts. If you meet someone who seems too good to be, there is probably something they are not telling you.

• Begin by exchanging emails or instant messages. Be aware of odd behavior or inconsistencies that could tip you off about a person. Always keep in mind that the person you are speaking with may not be who they seem. makes you uncomfortable, you are under no obligation to keep speaking with them.

• Do not give out personal information such as your address, your telephone number or other personal details. Stop communicating with anyone who tries to pressure or trick you into giving out this information.

• If you suspect anything is not normal stop communication immediately.

• Only meet when you feel ready. You are never obligated to actually physically meet someone, regardless of your level of online involvement. Even if you have already set a place and time to meet, if you are not 100% comfortable, just cancel. Don't feel intimidated or under obligation to meet someone. If you have a hunch or concern of meeting, trust yourself and take the precautions.

• If you do meet with a person who you have only known through an online basis, meet at a crowded establishment. You should never meet this person alone or in a secluded area. Choose a busy restaurant or place where many other people are around.

• Take your own car or a taxi cab. For your first few meetings you should never be alone with the person. You should never be alone with this person until you feel 100% confident that you feel safe with this person.

• When corresponding online and when meeting with the person, pay attention to the red flags. Anger, frustration, or controlling behaviors and attitudes should be guarded against. Acting in a passive-aggressive manner, saying disrespectful comments, or acting physically inappropriate are all red flags.

• Other types of behavior to watch for are inconsistencies in what the person has told you through the online correspondence and compare that with what you see. these include contradictions in age, interests, appearance, profession, and marital status. Also watch out for things such as someone who doesn't answer direct questions or refuses to speak to you on the phone after establishing ongoing online intimacy.

You do not have to be frightened to meet new friends or love interest online. In fact many long lasting friendships and relationships have been established this way. What is important is that you use caution and common sense when searching for companionship online. If you follow the above precautions and trust your instincts odds are you will have a truly enjoyable experience and hopefully have a long term positive relationship.