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A Perfect Date

Dating people (not only Polish) is a game of hit or miss; however, there are moments when one finds themselves utterly happy to be in the presence of their partners. For women especially, connection and intimacy are important elements of a great date. Thus, a perfect date is an event that allows a woman and her partner to get to know each other on a deeper level and that ends with a woman feeling that she is closer to her partner than ever before. Romance is another important element that women appreciate and a sincere show of romance can make a date very special. Thus, connection, intimacy and romance constitute the basis for a perfect date. Women who find themselves with such a partner who displays these elements will appreciate even more their relationship and consider taking their relationship to the next level.

Perfect Date

A perfect date could start with a picnic in the park or on the beach. A natural setting will help set the comfortable relaxed tone so necessary to begin the process of opening up to one another. Mood is an important factor that determines the tenor of a date, and a picnic in the park or beach definitely has a casual, yet romantic ambience. During the picnic, a woman can discover her partner's favorite foods as well as have an engaging and fun conversation. The point of a good date is to get to know each other better as well as to have a good time. A picnic is the perfect event to allow both parties to talk and to laugh. In addition, after lunch, she can take a walk along the park or the beach with her partner and relax and enjoy the energy flow that they share. Another reason why an outdoor picnic is a good idea for a date is that it allows both parties to converse as well as to get a feel for what kind of intuitive chemistry they share.

After lunch, she and her date could go to a concert. This is a fun and energizing way to enjoy each other's company. If she and her partner happen to share the same taste in music, the experience will be even better. If not, at least she can get to know what her partner's musical tastes are and vice versa. A concert is the perfect counterpart to a mellow picnic and will hype her up and keep her going on the date. After their long conversations, a concert will allow she and her partner to give their minds a rest and just have fun. It will also give them something to talk about on the ride home. Nothing could be more fun than attending a concert with someone that you like and reveling in its sensory experience. Both she and her date will find themselves in good spirits after a concert. Moreover, it will bond them together because of their shared experience.

Finally, to conclude their date, she can take her partner to a nice bar to have drinks and to continue talking and getting to know each other. Ambience is key so it is important to pick a place that is not too noisy, like a sport's bar, and not too crowded like an all-ages club. An ideal place would have cozy chairs and dim lighting to help set the tone for a romantic evening. After the picnic and concert, she and her partner may find themselves a bit tired out so going to a nice bar will let them enjoy each other's company without further expending their energy. In addition, after spending some time together, they may find themselves more willing to open up to each other and to have a deeper conversation.

By the end of this perfect date, she may find herself happy to be in the presence of her partner and she may feel that she has had a great opportunity to get to know her partner better. Finding out about each other is a fun process and draws she and her partner closer together. This date has all the elements that many women look for such as intimacy and romance. It is perfect date because she has had the chance to connect with her partner in a private setting and gives her a taste of romance as well.