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Vacation of Polish Lovers: Together or Separately?

People are slaves of their lifestyles: routines in which there is no room or possibility for real friendship, or the deepening their relationships. We are tired of the gray walls surrounding us; we long for freedom and fields untainted by human actions. We need the sea and sand, mountains and snow. Gerard Blitz realized the very same thing. People need rest so desperately that he created an organization called Club Med, which arranges for many pleasant attractions and relaxations during vacationing both in Poland and abroad.

It's undeniable that everyone needs to escape from reality and throw themselves into a whirlpool of total relaxation for the mind and body.

Each of us interprets spending time differently, which means that before we embark on our holiday we must realize what it is that we really need - being isolated from the world, or having a great time with our loved one?

A solitary trip might turn out to be a problem in a relationship or marriage. One's partner is very often threatened by such a situation; he or she begins to suspect that something is wrong, that it's the beginning of a crisis. Even if there is peace and harmony in a relationship, a trip may disturb some things, and even after the two people come to some sort of understanding, there might be cracks in the relationship through which (hitherto dormant) problems might reflect.

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Very often we are afraid to speak out about our needs because we are afraid of our partners' reactions. Sometimes we leave without much consultation so that we can intentionally hurt our significant other. Or we subconsciously want to show them how terrible it would be without us there by their side. We don't expect satisfaction in those cases. A solitary vacation will not end up being a positive leap away from reality, but it will become a game not only with our partner, but also with ourseves and our conscience. Such a trip is the beginning of the end, so let's not have that as our guide!

A solitary trip helps us define our ideas about the society we live in. The decisions belong to us - how important are other's opinion of ourselves, and to what degree we want to follow them. I don't think it's good to live by rumors and the words of others. We should make our decisions according to our own judgment, especially since every one of us has the ability for a deep and broad self-reflection (which reasonably throws away the solitary trip idea mentioned above!).

It's not necessary to be a loner, or to be in a depressed state after a fight with our partner, to decide upon a solitary trip. Sometimes a person needs to embark on a solitary expedition to test their own limits.

I personally think that there is nothing wrong with a solitary trip, but only under the condition that the trip is not a vacation! It's best if the trip lasts at most 2 days, preferably to a rarely-visited member of the family.

Only such trips won't endanger the relationship. Longer trips (which is what we are discussing here) should be undertaken with our partners. I'm not talking here about a person recently befriended, as such a person could be considered a "vacation flirt."

A common trip uncovers many things. One is able to see their partners’ differences, and at the same time their abilities to accept differences. The partners cannot - because they have no chance to hide their drawbacks. It's the only chance to really get to know one another.

With every trip we must be ready to negotiate, compromise, adapt. It's only now that we can really see if these characteristics are present in our partners. A second trip serves to solidify the conviction that that partner is the right one for life.

It's always harder to go alone. There must be some truth to the saying that "two heads are better than one." If we have at our side a friend, a partner, we have the knowledge that we can count on someone. Beginning with the day-to-day things of a physical nature - a gentleman will always pick up our bag - and ending with emotional support. Our partner will always give us courage, will make us happy, will let us lean on him like on a comfortable chair. He will help guide us when we are undecided, and will point us towards the right path.

Changing the tone, I will talk about material things: very plainly speaking, the costs of the trip will be split by two people. It is economically a favorable thing. It's even better if a man wants to show his manliness and pays for the entire vacation. But let's not overdo it here, ladies - it's good to take an equal part in the vacation, which means that paying for one's part is also in order.

It's not worth it to waste time and wander about the world with a cell phone, calling him and telling him about the experiences of the day. It's simpler and more pleasant to be with your loved one and be happy together during the vacation. Because who knows what can really happen?