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I Hear That Some Polish Women Are Really Interested in Marriage, and Won't Last on the Job -- Is That True?

Well, it is certainly true that traditional Polish women place a high value on marriage and family. It is also true that if you hire a Polish woman and she is not yet married, chances are she will be within some amount of time. But of course, this could be said of women from all different nationalities and cultural backgrounds; and it is also very much the case that marriage, especially these days, does not necessarily mean that women give up their careers in order to care for husbands and children.

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Not to say that family doesn't come first for Polish women; they are very traditional in this sense, and you can be sure that their new husbands (if and when they find them) will be very dear to them. But women of all cultures are used to juggling multiple demands, and Polish women are no exceptions. As much as you want your employees to be devoted to their jobs, most employers would admit that healthy, happy, well-balanced people make the best workers. And so, you too will benefit from the new-found happiness of your Polish worker if she finds love while in your employ (as well as from the happiness of her new-found fiance).

Now, it might even be the case that your new Polish female employee finds love on the job! This does happen, as you know, and while sometimes this can be a source of tension, in this sort of situation, chances are everything in the work environment will be enhanced. How can we say this? Simple! Polish women, for the most part, are not interested in sleeping around, having multiple boyfriends, and so forth. They are looking for their one true love, one to whom they can give their heart and soul, and so there won't be the high drama factor that definitely does exist when you are dealing with people who are of the "love them and leave them" variety. And so, you might well find yourself invited to a traditional Polish wedding!

The only thing you might need to think about in the long run is the probability that your employee will want to have at least one child. Well, it is true that most women need at least some maternity leave. However, the reality is that most businesses are learning the benefits of being generous when it comes to such leave; namely, in the form of grateful and loyal workers who are almost always thrilled to come back to work and work even harder than before to show their commitment to their jobs. It is also true that this is not a situation that only occurs with Polish women but again, with women from all different cultural and national backgrounds; and so unless you are not willing to hire women at all (which, of course, would make no sense at all!), then please be assured you have nothing particularly worrisome to look forward to with Polish women when it comes to either love or marriage -- or childbirth.