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Relationship with Russian vs. Polish Women

Most Western men tend to think Polish women are "similar" to any other women from the former Russia since both Poland and Russia are located in the "Eastern Europe." I think this is not true simply because these two countries are very different from each other: their culture; way of life; economical progress; political affiliations; history; ambitions cannot be easily compared. As a result, dating or marrying a Polish girl usually turns out to be a different experience than dating a Russian girl.

I haven't known many Russian girls (I'm a Polish man myself), but those I knew were quite nice. However, they did not "turn me on" as much as most Polish women would do because Russian girls are either "too simple" or "too money-oriented" for me. By writing "too simple" I mean - they are satisfied with the basic things, like a decent car, fridge full of food, but it is difficult to enjoy or converse with them about more interesting stuff, which makes such a relationship boring in the long run. As far most Polish girls are concerned, they know how to enjoy life because they have been brought up in a "more civilized" country. As long as your Polish girlfriend speaks English well (most of them actually do), you will not be ashamed to introduce her to your family or friends, for she will know how to act and what to say so that you as the man feel "the lucky one." Russian women, on the other hand, are not very much accustomed to leading the Western lifestyle; most of them prefer get busy with simple things and life of their husbands is not so important for them.

Poland Relationship

On the other hand, Polish wives care for their husbands in an "active" way; in most cases, they are both good friends and life partners so that you can enjoy your preferred Western lifestyle along with the woman who knows how to enjoy such lifestyle with you. For a Polish woman, eating out in a good restaurant or simply going to the movies is not something special; it's rather natural. It doesn't mean that a Polish wife cannot cook or doesn't enjoy family lifestyle; it's quite the opposite because Polish women are both economical and practical. They don't like to waste money on unnecessary products or services, especially when they can do it on their own. Living abroad most Polish women still cook at home because - let's get it straight - there is no better food than home-made food.

At my former work, I had to deal with Russian men too. These men seemed to be bossy towards their wives or girlfriends, but the women just didn't mind. I mean, it seems to be natural for a Russian woman to be treated like that. In contrast, Polish women seem to have stronger personalities; they are not as submissive as Russian women are. Personally, even though I am the man, I wouldn't like to have my life partner to be very submissive because I would get tired and bored with such a relationship. I wouldn't be happy to live with a woman who doesn't have her own opinion because I would think she either doesn't love me or just doesn't care about me. In this perspective, Polish women will generally be better wives and partners for Western guys because they are more adaptive and relationship-oriented than their Russian peers.

Regarding "the esthetic aspects," both Russian and Polish girls are beautiful. Of course, not every Polish girl or Russian girl is pretty, but in general Slavic women "turn heads." :) The question is - for how long your Russian or Polish wife is going to be pretty. It depends on the particular woman and the way she cares about herself. From my own observations, Polish women, in contrast to Russian women, know how to better preserve their beauty because they are more educated and know eating too much of unhealthy foods can be devastating (I noticed Russian girls like sweets too much which can lead to obesity").

Either way, Slavic women are healthier than their Western peers because Russian/Polish women cook at home. As long as you like golabki, bigos, pierogi, oscypki, or barsz, you will be fine too :). I wish you good luck in finding your perfect Polish wife!