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What's the Best Way I Can Prove That I'm a Reliable, Trustworthy, Good Choice?

There is a saying that good guys always finish last. Sadly, this often really does seem to be the case. Women seem attracted to the bad guys, the rebels, the ones who love ‘em and leave ‘em. So many times we shake our heads, in fact, at the choices that many women make when it comes to their lovers and husbands, wondering why they gravitate to men who treat them poorly in one way or another when here we are, good, solid guys, waiting to treat them like queens! It just doesn't seem fair. And indeed it isn't.

But the reality is that most women really do want good men to stand by their side and treat them right, despite what appearances might say. Yes, there is a minority of women who like the sense of danger, of attraction, that certain kinds of on-the-edge men promise to deliver, and so they don't think too much beyond that. Once it's time to marry or have children, however, these women usually realize the mistake they've made, and either they get out of the situation or else suffer.

Trustworthy Man

Most women, though, do want men who are reliable, trustworthy, and kind. Not wimps, or doormats, but gentle and sensitive to their needs. So, how to prove that you are both an exciting lover and a man who will be there when she needs you - and when your children need you?

Well, the main thing to remember is that actions always speak louder than words. It is one thing to assert in words that you can be counted upon, that you will make good husband and father material; it is another thing to show it. Are you on time for your dates, or is she always waiting in some doorway somewhere? When you show up, are you dressed in such a fashion that respects her, or have you just thrown on any old thing? When she speaks, do you listen to her and ask questions about what she has said, or are you impatiently waiting for your chance to talk? Moreover, how do you behave in your other personal relationships? Are you constantly burdened by the needs of friends and family, or do you have genuine compassion and a true desire to be helpful to them? Believe me, she will pay attention to all of these things, and more, in an effort to evaluate how you are likely to behave in the long run.

Another wise thing to do is to not belittle or put down her previous choices in an effort to make yourself look better. Along those same lines, you don't want to talk poorly about your own earlier girlfriends and/or wife, because this will only make you look bad. For example, if you go on and on about what a poor housekeeper your previous wife was, and how you had to clean up all the time, you will not make your new girlfriend think you are a good catch -- she will think you are a complainer. Simply present yourself in a good light, in a consistent fashion, and resist the impulse to put others down to raise up your own image; it will make you a better man, and will show her that she can rely upon you.

And finally, do not forget to show her that underneath this dependable, responsible person is a true tiger who wants nothing more than to be alone with the woman he loves - after all, life isn't only about dishes and diapers!