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What is the difference between Russian and Polish women?

Over time and the progress of national divisions, the cultures on the opposite sides of the boundaries became more and more diverse. Concentrating on Russian and Polish females, there are some subtle differences starting from in religion, to perceptions, and to traditions. There is no need to look far - just a quick look at Russia will do. All around the world, we all are females - this is the only undeniably common feature - in short, it's ovary solidarity.

It would be ideal to find a model of a successful woman in every part of the world - a woman neatly dressed, with styled hair, in a clean home, with happy children; a woman claiming that she is doing great with both running the family and working professionally. This is an imaginary of distant background in meeting with the gray reality. Every woman wants to be independent. Despite encountered difficulties, some resourceful women manage to compose individual elements of their activities into a comprehensive picture.

Poland vs Russia

Among Polish women, I see many unbelievably strong females who zealously strive for their goals. It possibly is a long process whose results emerge in the late retirement age. I dare to think though that morally acceptable means of pursuing goals fulfill a lifetime. In general, Polish women posses all predispositions to succeed on the public and professional arena as well as to fulfill the domestic mission. That's why Polish women become famous, just to mention Wislawa Szymborska who captured not only Polish hearts with her poetry. Another example can be Maria Curie-Sklodowska who transformed from a housewife into a scientist and a Noble Prize winner. An authority, without prizes was Polish Queen Jadwiga, who being royal was able to show kindness of a woman.

Russian women reach their fame in a different way. In Russia, there is not much heard about caring mothers and wives, not to mention female personalities on the global scale. It could be a result of a slower social development and the attempts to get wealth at any cost. Although Russia is a colossal country with many natural resources, it is not capable of using them to the fullest. Possibly, due to the lack of money, education, and moral codes (which are still highly valued in the small Polish towns), Russian females give up the natural inhibitions just to achieve the western lifestyle.

At this point, I am forced to mentions the prostitution problem Russia is struggling with. It is a food for thought that after typing in the keywords "Russian female/women," the Internet search engines pull out numerous pages restricted for under-age. Worrisome is the fact that younger and younger Russian girls start being sexually active. It begins as early as grammar schools.

The early maturity has also been observed in Poland, but is has been about 30 percent slower in Poland than in Russia, the Ukraine, and Belorus. Among the Russian teenagers, there is a saying that sex is like eating a chocolate bar; it can take place everywhere and always. These kids so familiar with sex go out to the world where it becomes their education. In fact, most prostitutes in Poland come from Russia, not the other way around. One of the Russian prostitutes asked if she was not ashamed of her profession responded that she was not ashamed of making big money. Whatever happened to moral boundaries and purity of consciousness? Polish women still lack this boldness of lost morality that leads to self-commercialization at any cost.

Quite the opposite is in regards to education. More women from Poland than from Russia have graduate degrees, are politically involved, not necessarily on the governmental level. Less Russian than Polish females run their own companies, manage international firms, are economists, attorneys, being at the same time mothers and wives. In Russia, especially in small towns, women are very disadvantaged and have little hope to change it.

Both Russian and Polish women have similar beauty; therefore, they are often mistaken abroad. In this area, similarly to sports, which just opened up to conquer, we could compete. This, however, is another subject of sports and beauty contests.