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Life after Life - My Experiences of Getting Through 'the Other Side'

I thought I would share with you, although, you will most likely think I am a worrywart or a nutcase. I was given a chance to be on the other side, meaning, outside of this world and the physical body.

I had a small medical procedure to take a sample of a fibroid for biopsy without any anesthesia; in fact it wasn't really painful, but after the procedure I started fainting, which I announced to the doctor. The process of leaving was something I would call "ungluing reality from my brain." Afterwards I was in a completely different place and it was a busy place. I was very much absorbed and engrossed into the events there. I had an impression I was there always. Suddenly, I started departing from that place into a darkness. Just as this reality was "ungluing", I was leaving that other place by moving into this strange darkness, which was kind of enveloping me all around. I have not experienced anything similar to this darkness in this physical world, so it is hard to explain. The darkness is a zone, a boundary one is crossing. It is completely effortless, I was only my own consciousness in a sense (soul) and basically I was not traveling through this darkness by my own will - I was kind of transported through it. I was there completely alone and no outside information or signals were getting to me. The darkness is so black that almost physically tangible, but I was completely and clearly aware of myself and what was happening with me, and I knew I was traveling to some destination. I felt puzzled and astonished I had to depart from that interesting place, and I did not really want to, even though I did not rebel or protest. It rather was a feeling of surprise and being puzzled, a lingering question: "Why I am leaving and where am I going?" While traveling through that darkness, I did not feel any fear or worry. I felt safe and natural. The passage through the darkness lasted some time, and at the end of it I started seeing first. My fist impression was as though I found myself in a box or container from which I could only see through small openings. I totally did not know why I was closed in this "box" and why my field of vison was so limited into only one direction. I very much wanted to remember and not forget what was before the dark travel, but I could not remember absolutely anything and I did not understand what this place was where I found myself now. Nonetheless, I perfectly remember the first impression I had after returning to my body (it turns out). What I saw was so limited, foreign, artificial, faded, and somehow flat (as though one-dimensional). The worst thing was that I could only see through those little holes (turns out it's my eyes). Then I started hearing and feeling my body. People were talking to me, but I did not know who it was or what in the world they wanted from me. For a little while, I did not remember anything from this world - the physical memory of my brain returned a little later.

Life after Life

I remembered everything from this world, where I was, what was happening, all this reality. The doctor said I lost consciousness for perhaps half a second. Apparently, much can happen in half a second.

I felt like crying, and I still do when I recall the disagreeable "first impression." Despite the fact that the recollection of that other side was completely removed from my remembering during the travel through the darkness, I only can conclude how beautiful it must have been if what we see here is so disappointing. Not to mention we only see through those small openings in the "container" of our physical body. Evidently, without body, one can see with the whole being, so it is much fuller. I keep on writing about vision because I like to stare, so this experience engraved the most in my "seeing." Maybe some people would find hearing more important.

One way or another, I already long for that other place and freedom which is life without the ballast of one's body. What it a dream? I don't think so - I have dreams all the time, and I have never traveled through such darkness to wake up. I had also fainted a couple of times before, although I try not to do it notoriously, and it was not anything similar. I think I really was away from my body and I am sorry I had to come back into it. Maybe that's the reason why I should not remember the other place because with that memory living on this side would be very difficult.

From this perspective the biblical, "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived" makes a totally logical sense, namely, our eyes and ears are way too limited to process what is on the other side. Another conclusion, we are more spiritual beings than we are physical beings, although without having such an experience as above, it really is hard to imagine or understand.