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My Story about a Polish Girl in NY

I was born in Poland, but I first met a "truly" Polish girl when I was on a campus in NY City. I've lived in the United States for a few years now, but the regions of Arizona didn't allow me to be "up-to-date" with the Polish girls.

On the first look, Sylwia (that was her first name) couldn't deny she was from one of the Eastern European countries. Her blonde hair, green eyes, light complexion, and sincere smile were the features I expect to see when I encounter a girl from Poland. She was shy, of course, because she might have found that my behavior was a little too forward to her. Well, my stay in the US taught me it's better to rather be "too" forward than too "backward" since this is the way most Americans expect a "normal" person should be. In result, Sylwia didn't allow me to sneak into her little world, or - I should say - she didn't AT FIRST allow me to intrude her privacy.

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Days passed, and I understood my "American" approach wouldn't help me find the way to her heart. I think she noticed I simply wanted to become what I wasn't in her eyes. I admit she's got the point - even though I was born in Poland and spent there over 20 years of my life, I acted as if I was born here, in the USA. I thought she'd be "impressed" with my good English, education gained on an American university, or other Western characteristics I soaked with during the last few years" but she wasn't. I mean, I bet I seemed a little weird to her because she even started laughing at me, but that's all.

On one rainy day everything's changed though. Bad weather depopulated the campus, so the working stuff had a little more time to slacker. Some of us chose to stay in their cabins to enjoy some privacy and worry-free time. Others got together in one of the public room near the swimming pool to get to know each other. Despite of working together in one place, some of us simply didn't know each others' names! It's true the language barrier was a lot of times intolerable (we participated in a foreign students' exchange program), but an inability to know the names was something I didn't expect. Anyway, Sylwia and I were communicating well as we (or she) chose to speak our NATIVE language (which bothered some people, oh well! ;). I changed my approached and I tried to be friendlier and less boastful towards her. It worked! On the same day, she said she knew I was different from what I was trying her to believe; it appeared she outsmarted me even though I was trying to outsmart her! ;). She also told me that most Polish women don't appreciate it when guys try to play with them in the way I did because they are not "so stupid" as most men wants them to ;).

It was a hard and an important lesson for me. Sylwia showed me that trying to be somebody else is not an efficient method of calling a Polish girl's attention. Not only a Polish one, have I guessed.