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Eastern Brides vs. Western Brides

A quick search on the web for Eastern European women will reveal about hundreds hits for marriage sites. It seems that Western men seem to prefer Eastern women, especially Russian and Polish, for brides. These web sites are mainly "mail order bride" pages with pictures and personality descriptions for the "merchandise."

The question to ask yourself if "why do Western men prefer Eastern women as brides."

East West Bride

One web page claims Western men prefer Polish and other Eastern brides for the following reasons; Eastern women are famous for their beauty, Polish and other Eastern women are highly educated and intelligent, they have traditional family values, you can find a much younger woman, these women want to get married, Russian and Polish women are still happy to be women and International marriage is a lifetime of discoveries and excitement. This is an insult to Western women because they are all of the above as well.

The reasons that Western men prefer women from Eastern countries like Russia and Poland are a little deeper than the tag lines used to market them on a web page. Clearly independence and feminism have a little to do with Western man's preference for these women. Polish brides are really different from Western women in this respect, they do not want to be men or compete with men. These Eastern women prefer to live with men, care about their men and let men take care of them. Feminism still has not hit Eastern Europe, and Polish women enjoy being feminine and enjoy men that are masculine. They do not try to ensure that no man will ever consider them as sexual objects; in fact, they like looking sexy and are not backing up when a man tries to approach them.

This is not to say that there are not any Western women who hold these tenets. What it is implying is that these Eastern women appear to be easier to control. The dating game can be frustrating, according to one webpage, and men never know if the girl is just enjoying going out with them for a good time, or if she is interested in spending the rest of her life with them. So much emphasis is put on being married and age in our culture that some men seek these Polish brides out of desperation. As the webpage for the mail order brides indicated, it is easy to find a young wife from Poland, and in our Western culture a young beautiful wife is a status symbol.

Are Western men that insecure with their masculinity and chances of finding a Western bride that they revert to finding one via mail order in a different country from a different culture? Are Western women really that intimidating? Many questions arise when considering this issue. The fact of the matter these mail order brides are a big business and Western men are the ones supporting it. Is it the allure of foreign women? Are men that smitten with women who are from another culture? Personally, I feel it reverts back to the feminism and independence issue. The fact that Polish and other Easter brides are more beautiful is an absurd premise (even though most Polish women are really beautiful and ... not overweight). So in general, I think that Western women are not different physically so much that they are less attractive on this end of the earth. This leads me to believe that Western men are insecure in their faith that they will find love in the West.

Western culture itself should come into question when examining this issue as well. Has Western culture given men the mindset that these women are somehow better or so different they must marry one, sometimes without ever meeting? Does our culture portray our women as driven? Driven to the point that they do no have family values and, would be a relentless, pushy wife? If these assumptions discussed are not correct something is incorrect. The propensity for Western men to seek an Eastern wife is growing in popularity so there must be a reason these men are searching other parts of the world. What is clear to me is that these men can go around the world seeking love and acceptance, but given the scenario involving Eastern women and the reasons men seek them, I think they are looking for love in all the wrong places. But hey, that's just my opinion!