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Russian and Polish Females as International Students

Polish girls? Most of them are nice and intelligent, but there are some who are ignorant and disrespectful. I'm an Indian teacher working in one of Chicago's universities for international students. I teach accounting and had a chance to meet many young Russian and Polish women who strived to get a college diploma. I haven't had many problems with those girls who really wanted to learn something on my class, but those who studied just for the sake of obtaining a degree were not very nice. They talked at the same time I did and when I reproved them, they simply ignored it. I think Russian and Polish girls tend to be too self-conceited these days. They easily adapt to different situations in life, but don't show respect to people they don't have much interest in.

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Moreover, one of those girls accused me of grading her too low, which caused many complications for me. She even went to the director and complained about me. I don't think it was fair because I grade all students evenly.

Anyway, this is not a subject interesting of this site. I wanted to write that there are also nice Russian and Polish girls out there. Some of them are pretty and nice too. I think it all depends on the way they were brought up. From my observations I can tell that I would definitely like to meet and possibly marry a Slavic girl, but under one condition - she would have to stay in her own country because her stay in a foreign country would most likely make her get spoiled. Why do I assume that? Simply because I know it from my own experience. I watch many of my international students and see they are very nice and polite only through their first 1-2 years of staying in a foreign county. After this time, they get soaked with the modern culture and their positive features get weaker and weaker. What I mean is they become rude, materialistic, and impolite. They forget about their manners and try to copy wrong or unfair behavior. I was also educated and brought up in another country, but I don't forget what my religion, culture, food, or traditions were all about. I think it is wrong because one should recognize one's roots. This is just my opinion, though.

Even though I'm sometimes mad at some of my female foreign students, I treat them politely because I was young too. However, if there are here girls or women who read my message - please try to be nice not only when I have to grade your work. I also was a teacher in my own country, and there people show more respect to elder men - especially when they are teachers! I wish you all good luck in achieving your life goals. Thank you for nice reading to the developers of this site.