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Cultural Pitfalls in Poland

There is still poverty in some parts Poland. Probably, it will continue for the next few decades. But it doesn't seem to be so bad that leaving the country at all cost, for instance marrying a foreigner, should be acceptable. Polish women are known for their thrift, ability to care for the house, cooking skills, but why would they want to marry some guy of another nationality or race right away? I'm no racist, but I don't think some cultures can or should mix. I know some examples where women in such mixed-race relationships are disrespected. The men instead of loving and respecting their female partners demand complete obedience. It is an outrage for me that Polish women accept something like that. Why don't they rather find someone appropriate from their hometown or village? Or my experience at universities; I know for a fact that couples last longest when both partners share similar background and culture.

Poland Pitfalls

New generations born in a new country have trouble communicating with their parents. These young generations have new lifestyles. They prefer talking in the foreign language to their parents' native tongue. It's surprising that parents of young Polish boys and girls don't care if the children learn Polish language and culture. In fact, they seem to be happy to see their offspring getting soaked into the new culture. Later conflicts between parents and children prove that failing to teach the children their parents' culture usually is not a good idea.

Getting back to culturally mixed relationships, I still insist that a Polish woman will be most harmonious with a Polish man. A foreigner may lock his beautiful Polish princess in his castle and require her to blindly listen to him, otherwise, he'd kick her out. I used to know a girl who was desperate to marry a foreigner. She was placing ads in newspapers, on the Internet, and through agencies. She even paid for an ad on the radio during the programming for singles. She was neither gorgeous nor repulsive. All she could dream about was leaving the country to meet a handsome and wealthy man. She ended up going to Germany. He was a pilot. After a few years, he decided to move to the countryside. Even though she grew up in the country, she hated it. So, she decided to file for a divorce. She hoped to get some of his fortune, but there was nothing she could get because everything belonged to his first wife and children from the first marriage. This Polish girl new nothing about them, and she was not the first one to be cheated. The guy took advantage of other foreign women, who had nothing to say because of their legal status.

Polish men and women have the right to have respectful lives. They should not, however, be willing to reach their goals by all means. The price of one's broken and unstable life may be too high. It's better to choose a partner with similar background and similar views. Other cultures may be too unpredictable, like a life in an unknown world. Western cultures are more similar to Polish culture than Eastern cultures. Still, there are significant differences, which may not be a good thing for relationships. They say, love can make miracles, but I haven't seen any. Maybe other people have, or maybe those just are hopes of Mr. X and Mrs.Y.