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Polish Women and Their Ideal Man

The woman is an inexhaustible source of surprises and mysteries for a man. It is said that we are representatives of two different species; a very famous American author tried to prove one time that we even came from two different planets. Cynics even say that the life of a man is nothing more but the constant attempt to understand women, conquer them, fulfill their caprices and to constantly change so as to reach their ideal of what a man should be. It's possible to discuss the rationality of this thesis, whether it's not too general, whether it is valid only for some cultures or perhaps only some nations.

Ideal Man

But it should be agreed that as far as Poland is concerned there is much truth in it. It is so much so that poor Polish men are constantly puzzled on how to become attractive to women and hit upon their tastes. Since, truthfully speaking, what do Polish women value in men, and what characteristics must men posses so that women consider them ideal?

It's not hard to guess that this is not a simple question. At once one thinks of the answer that there are as many responses as there are number of women living in our country. Each is an individual, so it would be hard to agree on any types of man who would be considered a sure bet.

On the other hand, when I jokingly asked my female friends about their perfect men I very often get this type: a tall, short-haired blond guy. Not going into the details, one could consider this as a kind of narrowing of potential candidates for the Polish women's perfect man.

What about the personality? How does the situation look here, what should a man represent? In order to come to any conclusion about this I also asked my female friends who in a short time described the characteristics which they themselves value very much.

It turns out that women have differing demands as to the characteristics, and they are determined very much by their approach to life.

For a woman who could be described as reasonable the most important thing is safety. Im one word, their ideal man is one who can safeguard their future families in terms of quality of life and education. This kind of approach has a lot to do with being materialistic, however, its foundation can be found in the female expectation of finding in a man the following: a strong character, sober and reasonable behavior, material well-being, and predictability. Cynics say that the ideal life for these kind of women is when they have a Jaguar in the garage, a large bank account, and a husband in the US. However one looks at it, however, one can't in the end accuse the women only of caring about what the man has in his pockets and not about true feelings of love. This kind of supposition would be a too-sweeping generalization which would bring the role of a man down simply to the financier of women's caprices. Reasonable women aren't always aterialistic, they simply crave stability for themselves and their future families, and in this situation the ideal man is one who can give them this stability and security.

Romantic women who are guided by their heart and their feeling view their ideal man in a different way. They expect from a man first and foremost love, loyalty and attention. These women love men who can listen to them in times of need, hug them deeply, cheer the m up, make them laughing in sad times. For these women of much lesser importance is what the man can offer and provide in a materialistic sense, but much more important what he can bring into their life in terms of feelings and spirituality. For them the ideal of a man is a person beside whom they will feel loved, appreciated, and understood. In more detail, the man will be ready to do anything for them, from hugging them to singing underneath their windows to writing serenades for them.

All women, no matter what sort of men they prefer, wish for men who will be able to fulfill their needs. It doesn't matter what sort of needs they are since they will only give love and be loyal to the man who can understand and fulfill those needs.