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Polish Women: What Are They Like in a Foreign Man's Eyes?

In this epoch of globalization, there has been a great interaction between diverse cultures. Consequently, one can observe interaction between polish culture and other foreign cultures. There have been marriages between Polish women and other Europeans. There are many websites, which deal with database of beautiful Polish women. The very fact that foreign men are approaching these websites and are attempting to acquire friendship of Polish woman demonstrates that they are impressed with the attractiveness of Polish women.

Poland Country

The uniqueness of beauty of Polish women has attracted many foreign men including Americans who have registered in dating sites dedicated for Polish women. Foreign men need to be conscious of the major cultural traits of Poles. Women are a vital part of Polish culture. Foreign men learn that they have to behave as gentlemen with Polish women who do not like those who take liberty with them at first instance. Foreign men perceive Polish women as pretty, feminine. Foreign men think that Polish women have a good taste for cloths and that they are extremely elegant. The foreign men should learn how to kiss the hand of Polish women, which is a old habit found in Poland. Foreign men try to impress women of Poland by comprehending the nature of Polish women. One important quality of Polish women is that they consider their relation with opposite sex very seriously. Hence, the foreign men who try to get in touch with Polish women need to be vigilant before proposing. Polish women provide importance to their family although in the modern age there are many cases of divorce among them. In case of any predicament in their family, Polish women try to defend and sustain their family. This important quality will be noticed by foreign men who are exposed to Polish women. These pretty women have understood the need to tackle the realities of modern age. The Polish women suffered during the World Wars and during the post-second World War era. During this period, Poland in general witnessed economic decline. Recently, the Polish women have prevailed over their economic tribulations. Some American journalists who are resident in Poland and who have observed the activities of Polish women have written quite a few articles regarding Polish women. One such American journalist is Peg Simpson who has written articles on the nature of activities of Polish women. It is perceived that during communist regime women in Poland suffered, as they were not given proper political representation.

The Polish women were not given the due space by political parties of Poland. Polish women have tried to come out of this phase and they have established reputation as successful businesswomen. They have decided to take up business with the intention of protecting the interest of their family. Polish women are known to take care of their husbands and children, particularly the latter. The Polish politicians are not sympathetic towards the problems faced by Polish women. These politicians have passed legislations, which restricted divorce, and they have banned abortion too. This has been considered as an attempt to restrict the freedom of Polish women. This has reduced the social status of Polish women when compared with their counterparts in other nations of world particularly America. The Polish women can obtain divorce only in regional courts. Naturally, they are forced to exhibit their talent in various other fields. As they are underrepresented in politics, they have shifted attention towards business. A recent government report stated that Polish women constitute nearly thirty percent of successful managers. Foreign men study these various aspects when they attempt to approach Polish women. Foreign men understand that Polish women are beautiful, elegant and that they like being loved by men. However, foreign men have comprehended the fact that Polish women are quite serious regarding their family life and they are sincere managers of family. Some foreign men like these traits in Polish women. Naturally, these foreign men have approached Polish women to seek their hand in marriage.