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Yes - Polish Women are Good Wives and Mothers

The world is full of women, at least half-full, since in the beginning the wise Creator decided that the human race should be about equally divided in men and women. Twenty million or so, which is a rather minuscule number, happens to live in the exotic country of Poland in the East of Europe. Are they unique? Of course, at least this is what the Poles and those in the know believe. They claim that Polish women are in many respects uniquely wonderful wives and mothers,

Mother in Poland

There is no shortage of beauties on the Polish shores and when it comes to the creation of a happy family, an attractive woman ... and looks is certainly a part of the equation... is always a boon to her husband, but other aspects are also vital. Thus, there is a long tradition of devoted Polish women staying at home, taking care of the kids, her husband, the family, cooking tasty and nourishing food, working hard to create a happy home; carrying out dutifully all the tasks that make a complete household a happy one.

It is a matter of course that a Polish wife will go out of her wat to make her husband a happy one, if not by any other means then by preparing the best food under the sun. There is a Polish saying, stating that: “A way to the man's heart leads through his stomach”, and often it is so. Thus, the lady of the house will stay long hours in the kitchen preparing the famous Polish soups, fortified by a solid “schabowy” i.e pork cutlets, the food of choice of any adult, not only, Polish male (Try it just once and you are sold!).

Most Polish wives, given the opportunity, will also prefer to stay at home with their children, to bring them up themselves, rather than send the small ones to the nursery or kindergarten. When it comes to taking care of their kids, many Polish ladies are prepared to stay at home and to wait a couple of years, before pursuing their own careers. The children are very important ingredients in the life of a family and the Polish mothers duly acknowledge it by taking the task of bringing up the kids seriously.

On the other hand, as new wives, most Polish girls are very much emancipated and happy to contribute to the budget of a home. Many Polish girls nowadays have an excellent education and can earn a similar salary as her husband which is a prerequisite in today’s world if one wants to have an own home. One salary is simply not enough. Thus, a wife that has an own income is a welcome ingredient in creating a happy family.

There is a long, in part based on religion, tradition when it comes to the way Polish women behave. Faithfulness is quite high on the agenda and divorces, although not uncommon, are still frowned at in some circles. Thus, morality is still an important issue promoted by the Catholic Church that aspires to instill in the Polish girls the basic values of the Bible. The family is the base of a Catholic society with a woman playing a central role in this context. The vast majority of Poles takes the Catholic credos seriously and the females are no exception.

Although the girls have the Polish Catholic upbringing, they are not dedicated to the spiritual aspects of life only, On the contrary: the Polish ladies in general are very relaxed, prone to laughter and having fun, appearing happy and easygoing, all of which makes for a promising combination. And since they are devoted not only to their kids but also to their man, and to the family in general, the outcome of a marriage with a Polish girl, in the vast majority of cases, for a right man that will appreciate all of the above, can only be positive.

Most, if not all, Polish girls prepare early for their roles of wives and mothers, dressing up, playing with dolls, kitchen utensils, etc. No wonder once they grow up many of them choose traditionally female professions, like a nurse or teacher and easily fall into the predestined roles of wives and mothers, the creation of a happy family being the very peak of their lives.

In addition, the Polish ladies, which are unique, seem to be able effortlessly, as if seems, to combine the traditional female role with the modern way of life and, as well, know how to make this combination work, which is always an excellent recipe for a long-term success in any relationship.