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We are everlasting marriage born in Poland who first met and got married in the United States. As many similar immigrant couples trying to find their feet on a new continent and among new people, we experienced a lot of good and bad things in life. However, they only helped us become more resistant to the everyday downs and allowed us to find even greater enjoyment of life.

Marriage in Poland

It is sometimes strange to think how our fate can be steady and unpredictable at the same time. I, Gosia, was engaged when an accidental phone call changed all wedding plans and possibly "happy ever after life" by the side of a rich and influential man. My husband Robert tried to persuade himself that the marriage was not a good choice for a young and educated man until he turns 30. As it turned out, we were both wrong or - rather - we didn't really know that every plan can change in the twinkling of an eye despite one's will.

Now, we are a happy Polish marriage leading regular life among new friends in the Polish-American society. We created this website to inform and educate men and women who are already married or are willing to get married or simply get acquainted with a woman or a man of Polish nationality about Polish gender relations. We try to focus on Polish females because we think their traditional values and personal character are especially worth noticing in the world of materiality and egoism. We are well aware that spreading capitalism and focus on consumption may direct (if it hasn't yet) positive virtues and traditional unspoiled attitude of Poland-born men and women onto a negative path. However, we also feel there is a chance that those males and females will preserve their status quo because there is always a great demand for unspoiled women and honest men! ;)

We invite you to visit our sections about Beautiful Polish Women, Polish Wives, Great Polish Girls, Innocent Polish Teens, Sensual Polish Escorts, Successful Polish Dating, Fantastic Polish Sex, Online Relationship, and Polish Wedding Customs & Traditions. Finally, the last section titled 'The Articles' presents a public and growing collection of articles and stories of different authors just like you. These are mostly devoted to Polish life, Polish culture, and real experiences of Polish and foreign couples living in Poland and abroad.

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Gosia & Robert, Polish Marriage.org, Chicago, IL, USA / Warsaw, Poland

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