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Matt's Experiences in a Polish Marriage

I was married for 8 years to a wonderful woman from Kalisz Poland. Being born and raised in America, I originally started dating her because she was unique to my past experiences.

It took 8 years for my rude and uncaring behavior to cause a rift in our marriage that eventually led to divorce, now that it's over, let me tell you what I've learned.

Experience Poland

A Polish woman is very goal orientated, smart, and determined. She is a true family person. Like Mother Earth, she cares for her family with a diligence not found in many American wives.

She expects to be treated with the uttmost respect since she will give you all the respect she can.

If you hurt her, she is very forgiving (but not forgetting). If you hurt her to much, she will give you chance after chance to change. She doesn't enjoy having to tell you what to do, but she will if things get to a boiling point.

If you are unable, or unwilling to change, that is a sure sign to her that you do not truly love her, and she will leave. When a Polish woman leaves you, it is next to impossible to win her love and trust back- she has made up her mind. You have a better chance of dating a supermodel than restoring your marriage.

My tips for keeping a good woman?

Be honest, always. Open doors, always put her happiness before your own (in the end, thats what keeps you happy). Talk to her, don't put the computer or anything else in front of that. Take her and the children on long walks or picnics. Work hard and make sure your income is devoted to the family, regardless of how much you want that new toy. Take a look at whats wrong with marriages in America today - and don't do that. Or you will end up like me - A man who pushed away a great woman.